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Topic: Laptop possibility

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    Laptop possibility

    Here is a link to a new laptop with USB 2.0 and firewire ports.


    With that in mind, one could run a dedicated giga drive from the USB 2.0 and audio drive via the firewire from the laptop running a P4 or mobile athlon 2000+

    With drives small and fast these days it could be a possibility.


    anyone out there doing this yet?

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    Re: Laptop possibility


    I would also like a response to this. I am looking for a laptop (for travel) that I could run SX AND giga on. Once I returned to my studio, I would \'dock\' that laptop and use it as a \'second giga machine\'. Does this sound possible??

    Also what impact will this new hyperreading P4 (3 ghz) chip have on laptops?


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    Re: Laptop possibility

    Theoretically, I sounds possible. Or you could use your laptop for the sequencer and your desktop for the Giga machine. Your Laptop also would most likely come with an extra monitor out so if you have a spare, larger monitor than you could use that to maginify your laptop view.

    Also, keeping your gigs on an external USB/ firewire drive means you could take them wherever you want (from computer to computer in your house or different studios).

    The implementation of USB 2.0 with firewire sounds promising! But again, I haven\'t tested this nor I have I seen any tests done.

    I wish someone with some reviewing pull would do this.


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