Heys guys, this is totally off topic, but I'm writing a program right now that lets you select a MIDI in port like a keyboard, and lets you assign diffrent things to each key, such as a set of key strokes, or to open a program or something. The idea behind this is that i saw a friend with a "Logitech G15" typing keyboard which had 18 programmable keys, and I wondered how I could do this. I eventually thought about a MIDI Keyboard for triggering user-defined Macros. At the moment, it only recognizes C3 through C4, being thats as far as I've gotten, but it all works. Later today, I'll post a Screen shot after I make it nice looking.

The main thing it does now is let the user put in a ket of keystrokes in a line, such as "this is a test". When saved, to the C3 key, if you go into any application in Windows and hit the C3 button, out spits "this is a test"! Theres also an option to have it send a Return afterwards, for, example, instant messaging programs. If i enabled the "Send Return" option to the message before, it'd send someone "this is a test" by itself. Eventually I plan to make it an option to have a key open any program a user wants, and that shouldn't be difficult.

Why is this useful at all? Well, it's not for music making, at all. The reason i made it was to make my video gaming life easier! I can setup buying scripts for games like counterstrike very easily with this.

The main reason I'm telling you all is I hope some of you can help me beta test it. Later tonight, I'll upload a working copy and let you all try it out. Untill then, just leave some feedback on what you think of the idea.

Thanks in advanced!