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Topic: MIDI question

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    MIDI question

    This is probably a really easy one, but I really don't know the answer.

    I work almost exclusively with Cubase and have noticed, with Trilogy only, that previously sequenced bass lines that work fine playing through on a GM sound on a Motif, that they seem to transpose lower on Trilogy.

    Any thoughts?



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    Re: MIDI question

    I have had that issue as well. Usually, when I import a GM bass part into DP with Trilogy, I edit out all of the controller information. I sometimes have to transpose the bass line up an octave. But other than that, no problems.



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    Re: MIDI question

    Thanks for that Rik, it's what I'm doing too - although I'm not sure I'm taking out the controller information, I'll do that too.

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    Re: MIDI question

    Anytime that I had controller info in there, especially from Band-In-A-box, trilogy would just freak out. Once I got rid of all controller info, all was well. Best of luck, it is a great program!



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