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Topic: GPO Harpsichord

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    GPO Harpsichord

    I have a friend who's an early music performer. I brought him over to show him GPO.

    He was rather under-whelmed by one element. He and I agree that the GPO harpsichord is missing something crucial--release samples.

    When you release each key on a real harpsichord, there is a distinctive clicking sound for each key as the "jack" or the armature that holds the quill that plucks the string, slides back into its starting position.

    The GPO harpsichord has no release sample and no "jack" sound. To anybody who's heard a real harpsichord performance, this is an obvious deficiency.

    I used to own an Alesis QS-6 synth from ten years ago, and my friend still has his. The Alesis has a harpsicord sound that has just such a release sample. We agreed that the Alesis QS-6 provides a more convincing model of a harpsichord, even though it only devotes a few tens of kilobytes in samples to the instrument, while the GPO has tens of megabytes in its harpsichord.

    Can I please suggest that when GPO version 3 comes around that you guys look into adding release samples to the harpsichord?

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    Re: GPO Harpsichord

    Hmmm, this is interesting. Whenever I run into something like this I try to do a workaround using any other sounds I might have laying around. For this issue, which I haden't really noticed untill you mentioned it, I would go through my GM sounds and see if I can find a similiar sound and stick it at the end of each harpsi note. I don't know if it'll make anything better or if it'll even work, but it's worth a shot.

    I used a similiar trick when I was looking for that pa-kshhhhh sound from the cymbals like when the two cymbals don't come together at the exact angle and there's a slight sound before the actual hit. I solved this using the GPO cymbal "ping" sound right before the hit (I used the D hit). The result was very close to what I was looking for.


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    Re: GPO Harpsichord

    This MAY BE an item addressed in Garritan Personal Orchestra Advanced.

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    Re: GPO Harpsichord

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx
    This MAY BE an item addressed in Garritan Personal Orchestra Advanced.
    Quick! Add that to the GPOA tidbits thread!
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