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Topic: Help with alternating stacatto in GS3

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    Help with alternating stacatto in GS3

    I'd like to modify the SAM Horn Stacatto patches so that they randomly alternate between the four stacatto samples. My understanding is that there are a couple of mechanisms by which this can be done in Giga, and they're all obscure and complicated. My efforts to muck around in the Giga sample editor have led to pain and ennui.

    Is there any brain-dead set of steps that someone could provide for doing this sort of thing? (Or a tutorial somewhere to this effect?) I'm sure this is must be something users want to apply to many different instruments where there are multiple versions of an articulation.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    Re: Help with alternating stacatto in GS3

    Try using "Combine Instruments" under the edit menu in GigaEditor. Shift-click to select the patches to combine (i.e., the staccato ones). The window that pops up will have a pull down menu that says "Using this controller...", with Mod Wheel as default. Click the pulldown and select Random, Round Robin, or how ever you want get the patches to alternate. Give the new instrument a name, hit OK and you're done. It doesn't get any more brain-dead than that.

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    Re: Help with alternating stacatto in GS3

    Thanks! I'll give that a shot.

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    Re: Help with alternating stacatto in GS3

    Hello Mike,

    I made an art file for Gs3 last year wich updates the SamHorns giga library.
    iMidi alternating staccatos( yes all four shots)

    here is the link: http://p.k-bros.de/SAM_Horns_iMIDI(far+close).rar

    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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