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Topic: Tested LAptops for DAW and/or Giga

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    Tested LAptops for DAW and/or Giga

    When I see \'The Top 10 Laptops\" at PCWorld, I wonder if there is anything comparable for desktops/laptop DAW\'s?

    Has someone or some website out there tested a gob of desktops/laptops with some results to show as far as DAW use is concerned?

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    Re: Tested LAptops for DAW and/or Giga

    Wordclock won\'t make a very obvious difference to your sound quality, but it may help you out in situations where you are running several things in a digital chain and start to get drop outs, or clicks - or simply get a piece of gear which refuses to synchronize to the normal digital stream.

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    Re: Tested LAptops for DAW and/or Giga

    I\'d be really interested in this too.

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    Re: Tested LAptops for DAW and/or Giga

    I don\'t understand why, these PCWorld tests couldn\'t include some real-time audio or video plug-in tests or multitasking a sequencer with a soft synth.

    Basically, they open a picture file apply an effect and see how long it takes, then make the judgement...this computer is fast...this one is slow.

    And a lot of the laptop computers built are basically for business people who run word docs, internet and maybe a DVD movie. The odd thing is that, we composers and musicians are business people as well, but with just different requirements needed for our business in music.

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