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Topic: the sweating song

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    the sweating song

    here's a piece i did for a play a while back that wasn't used, but is now being picked up for a sweat lodge therapy cd.


    I used GPO, and acoustic guitar, logic audio's EVP88 electric piano and a cymbal and drumsticks for the percussion. The percussive loop is acoustic guitar.

    I enjoy hearing comments or whatnot!

    GPO rocks!


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    Re: the sweating song

    Well, by gosh, I'm sure this is a first for the forums -- a song designed for sweating!

    Regardless (and though I confess I perspired little whilst listening), you've done a fine job of evoking a restful, contemplative atmosphere with this elegantly simple piece, Sagreene.

    The unexpected breakaway into fuller instrumentation ~2:30 was a pleasant surprise, and the surreal atmosphere of the midsection of the piece is highly effective. The subtle (and not so subtle!) use of percussion in this part of the piece was also particularly well done.

    I liked the broad stroke of an ABA rondo for the form, too. The symmetry of it seemed most suited to the intentions of the piece.

    Nice job!


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    Re: the sweating song

    Thanks for your feedback David.
    Yes, a strange project indeed! Hopefully it goes well - it will be my first royalty paying project...in fact my first PAYING job after 2 years of free theater work

    I had thought about adding another section - but i think the ABA does do a nice job of easing in and then easing back out.

    I've got one more to do tonight, a much more orchestrated song. Hopefully it goes as well.

    thanks again!

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    Re: the sweating song

    Congratulations on the paid Gig, Sam.

    Nothing says "We love your music!" more than people who are willing to PAY for it... lol.


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    Re: the sweating song


    that's the next one. The nice thing about these is that the client picked them off my website and i just had to rework them.

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