Ok. So it's about time I got a seperate computer for my audio and media related stuff. I've been having a few problems on my computer with CPU levels getting high when dealing with 15+ tracks of Garritan (often using big brass, strings, percussion etc. etc.). And I'd like to be able to work with larger orchestrations and not have to worry too much all the time about CPU problems. I'm currently on a Intel 2.53 GHZ with a gig of RAM, windows XP. (it's got a whole bunch of non-audio stuff on it though)

Now this is what I'm considering. An AMD Anthon 64 3,200.

http://quay.co.nz/ >click on future packs (the AMD 64 Future Pack). What do you think of this? I'd upgrade the soundcard to either an Audigy or perhaps an M-audio card. Do you think this setup will be good for orchestra work? (garritan, kontakt stuff)

How many garritan tracks could I use on this without maxing out the CPU? Currently the CPU goes before the RAM does.

Once that's answered - I see I can upgrade to a Athlon 64 3800 Dual Core, or something. What's this? How much value would this add to music production?