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Topic: RMX Groove Menu question

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    RMX Groove Menu question


    I've got a drum track laid out in RMX 1.5 using the Groove Menu mode. It is set to trigger immediately and I've quantized all of the notes to the grid.

    My problem is, sometimes one of the midi notes in the track will not trigger its pattern. And, sometimes it will... I can rewind and hit play again and get a different result each time.

    I'm using Logic 7.1.1 on a G5 Dual 2.5/OSX 10.4.3.

    Anyone have ideas on what could cause this?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu question

    Are you running out of RAM?

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu question

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum
    Are you running out of RAM?

    Thanks for replying! I have 3GB RAM and the activity monitor shows I'm using about 50% of that with this piece. CPU is running at 25%.

    I just played the piece again to measure the RAM and one of the groove menu notes triggered a pattern that sounded like it was 1/8th note off.

    I'm only using 3 tracks in RMX, 3 other tracks with VI's and a midi track driving an external Virus B. 2 of the VI's are demo versions of Papen Blue and Linnplug Albino.

    I'll try recreating the same tracks in a new song to make sure it's not corrupted. If I still have issues, I'll contact Spectrasonics support.


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    Re: RMX Groove Menu question

    make sure notes don't overlap each other

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu question

    The only thing I can think of is what zeruyo might be referring to. Maybe, after quantizing, you have a note, followed by the same note, and perhaps the end of the first note coincides with the start of the following note, and maybe that causes Logic to sometimes play the end of the first note after the second note has started, thus cutting it off? If you have any notes like that, try trimming the length of the first one.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu question

    What I have found to work is to set the start option on the Groove Menu to Next Beat. Then have your midi notes start a 16th note in front of the bar where you wish it to start. This seems to work for me consistently. Of course, if you are starting playback in the middle of a section that already has its starting point triggered, it may not be in sync. So I tend to start playback a bar early, or even a sixteenth note early.

    Hope this helps.

    Kelly Carpenter

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu question

    Use MIDI functions to remove any overlap and double notes This may help.

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