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Topic: Important question about Giga Studio and Ram

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    Important question about Giga Studio and Ram

    Back years ago in the early giga sampler days I ask Dave Govett if it made any difference wether I used EDO or PC100 ram for a giga computer I was putting together at the time.
    Her said it make no difference , you can even use the slower EDO memory with giga sampler , speed of the memory makes no difference in giga sampler ,but he said the more memory you have the more samples your computer can hold at one time[as we all know now].

    Which brings me to a question .
    I can buy 1 gig of pc133 ram for $110 or
    pay $152 for 512k of pc3200 ram[you dont want to know how much pc3200 is in a 1 gig stick].
    The pc133 is a much better deal and some new motherboards give you a choice of either memory.
    Is there a performance difference when using the slower pc133 with Giga studio?

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    Re: Important question about Giga Studio and Ram

    ITs possible that in future giga versions RAM speed will be important.

    If I understand it correctly RAM speed will help the CPU process information better. So When giga 3 comes out with more CPU intensive options (Joe Bibbo mentioned something about this) having faster RAM will help.

    133 will be fine for Giga 2.5 IMO. If all you are worrying about is Sample laod and poly then 133 should be fine.

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    Re: Important question about Giga Studio and Ram

    I don’t think speed is an issue. It’s more about future computability. SDRAM (PC133) is nearing obsolescence. The next motherboard you get WON’T support it. The chances are good that it will support DDR. I don’t think any current motherboards support anything faster than PC2700, so I wouldn’t pay the extra for PC3200. It’s a sad fact that most new motherboards only have 3 RAM slots, so paying though the nose for 1GB chips is necessary if you want more than 1.5GB of RAM.

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