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Topic: is "aftertouch" a continuous controller ?

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    is "aftertouch" a continuous controller ?


    I'm a bit confused as to what I can, and can't do with midi aftertouch.

    Is midi "aftertouch" a continous controller ? If so, what is its number ?
    Can it be assigned controls, say in Gigastudio or Kontakt ?

    I would have thought that aftertouch would have been ideal to control cross-fading between vibrato and non-vibrato samples.

    Does anyone use it ?

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    Re: is "aftertouch" a continuous controller ?

    Channel Aftertouch acts exactly like a continuous controller, and can indeed be assigned to Kontakt (presumably Giga too?), but its actual protocol is outside the set of "regular" controllers 0-127, but usually appears separately in menus by its actual name .."aftertouch"!

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    Re: is "aftertouch" a continuous controller ?

    Thanks ... I've fouund it in Kontakt, but not in Giga. Giga appears to only have the regular CC's assignable to parameters. Can anyone tell me this ain't so.


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    Re: is "aftertouch" a continuous controller ?

    I don't have my Giga machine on right now, but I seem to remember a parameter for AT. It's not one of the #1-=126 ccs allowed, has a different header, but behaves the same, and I am pretty sure Giga can handle it, though it may require a separate dimension.
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    Re: is "aftertouch" a continuous controller ?

    Assigning aftertouch is something you do in the Giga Editor.

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