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Topic: Need For Speed: Most Wanted.. a trend

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    Need For Speed: Most Wanted.. a trend

    So I was playing NFS MW on my 360 yesturday after picking it up on sunday and noticed the music changes to something that literally sounds lifted from Rabins gone in sixty seconds when the cops start to chase you. Very cool and its good to see that someone at EA actually wanted to cut out the EA trax music (typical hip hop / punk fare) in favor of some decent film scoreesque action cues for running from the cops. So after some reasearch I found out that Rabin didnt do the score, his music programmer / producer Paul Linford however did. This is a trend Im beginning to notice and honestly scares me a bit, I was curious how the rest of you felt. Many game companies (namely EA) are wanting a specific sound for their games and instead of getting someone who sounds like that composer.. they just plop down the big bucks and hire that composer. I mean, there are any number of us who could emulate Rabins sound quite well and could have done it for worlds cheaper than Linford.. though my opinion as a gamer rather than a game composer is that it is DAMN COOL to hear an original media ventures score that adapts to the action on screen as I play.. and not some knockoff of Media Ventures... an honest to god media ventures score. Its cool and scary at the same time...hell, for a game like this my custom soundtrack of choice would have been rabins gone score anyway. Discuss.

    Rich Douglas
    Composer / Sound Designer for Interactive Media

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    Re: Need For Speed: Most Wanted.. a trend

    Well I was just having a discussion with another sound designer about game audio. First off, the compression for the 360 is much better and it's a noticeable difference, so I'm happy that the potential quality of game audio has been raised a bit, which leads me to my next point.

    Games have always been striving for the cinematic quality that a lot of movies have. The thing is that you can't get a game to look as good as a movie, but you can get it to sound as good as a movie, and I think that's the direction that a lot of bigger game devs can and should be going for. I think there's still a lot of opportunity for unknown composers to get game music gigs, but I think that companies are going to be looking at accepting a bit more financial risk (hiring known composers) to get a more polished film sound.

    I loved the music in Gone in 60 Seconds. It had a lot of rock cues but there was also some nice string layers here and there. Did NFS MW music have strings in it? Did they sound live or from libraries? I'm just wondering because what's the point of hiring a Rabin if you're not going to record it like a Rabin?
    Michael Peter

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    Re: Need For Speed: Most Wanted.. a trend

    NFS definately utilizes the same string and horn stacc samples that Rabin always uses.. I would be willing to bet that the orchestra used in the score is purely samples... the rabin / MV custom samples we all know and love. many of the action cues sound influenced by Enemy of the State, Armageddon, and of course Gone in 60 seconds. It really fits the gameplay well.. much better than any punk music ever could (of course thats arguable depending on your taste in music).

    Rich Douglas
    Composer / Sound Designer for Interactive Media

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