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Topic: Mackie Tracktion 2 opinions?

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    Mackie Tracktion 2 opinions?

    Oh, man .. .
    After years of all those suit guys going "with THIS software you'll be outdoing Mozart, Zappa AND David Foster in half the time" you get to watch the Mackie Tracktion 2 video demo, and Laz goes: "If your music sucks, it will still suck on our software .. but at least you'll do music that sucks a whole lot easier".
    Very liberating to see people that probably have taken the sales management classes, but enjoys to step out of the 'stiff-butt sales-man-in-a-suit-with-a-kaching-smile' role. Hilarious video too. Check it out at Mackie's site.

    Now, has anyone tried Tracktion 2? opinions about it? and/or about the concept?
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    Re: Mackie Tracktion 2 opinions?

    I use tracktion quite a bit - very very easy to use. Also have Sonar 5 PE I switch between the 2 regularly.


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    Re: Mackie Tracktion 2 opinions?

    I was initially very excited about Tracktion 2, but it quickly lost its luster with me due to unresolved issues from the first version and still poor midi handling. It does some things very well (like audio and effect send routing) and I love the interface. Its very easy to work in because of the design. Its easy to just compose and not worry about buttons or menus or things getting in the way.

    Right now, I'm big on EnergyXT and of course Overture 4. eXT is a modular host (think Bidule with a sequencer.) The midi there is better (although it still needs better CC editing capabilities.) The audio leaves a lot to be desired here, but I've got other applications for that.

    Both eXT and Tracktion are fairly inexpensive, but I'd put my money on Jorgen's application. I was a big fan of Massiva, which was one of his first sequencers, so I'm kind of biased anyway.

    I've tried really hard to get into Tracktion 2, but I just can't with all its flaws.

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