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Topic: ARGH!! Freakin' QuickTime!!

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    ARGH!! Freakin' QuickTime!!


    Against better judgement, I downloaded Quicktime in order to view streaming video on a friend's website. It has now hijacked my mp3 settings for in-browser clicks.

    I'm using Firefox. I have adjusted the MIME settings in Quicktime in order to DESELECT most other formats. I have adjusted the "file types" in Firefox to open MP3s in MusicMatch (my preferred player). And I have told Musicmatch to reclaim file associations. I have rebooted after doing all of this.

    But still when I click an mp3 in Firefox, instead of downloading it to MusicMatch, the quicktime plugin pops into the window and plays the file from there.

    In general I have avoided Quicktime because of this kind of crap, (I use the Quicktime Alternative instead, but this does not seem to work as a plugin, which I need for streaming video).

    Anybody have any other suggestion for how to clean this up? If it comes to uninstalling QT, I will do so gladly, but I'd rather find a way for it to co-exist with my other software...


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    Re: ARGH!! Freakin' QuickTime!!

    Well, I got tired of it. It was too invasive. There it was, everywhere that I didn't want it. I removed all the Quick Time file associations, then I got rid of Quick Time.


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    Re: ARGH!! Freakin' QuickTime!!

    This bullsh*t with QuickTime drives me batty. Invasive isn't the word for it.

    Yes, assuming this is a Windows machine, I did find a roundabout way to reset their piratical practices.

    You need to find a file locally (in Windows Explorer) with the extension that's giving you a problem -- say, .mp3, for example.

    Right-click over the filename, and use Open With from the context menu. Then manually select the program you want to have open files with that extension, and be certain to check the box indicating that that program should always be used for files of that type.

    Hope that helps!


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    Re: ARGH!! Freakin' QuickTime!!

    Same here. Couldnt disassociate it from mp3 no matter what i tried, so away it went.


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    Re: ARGH!! Freakin' QuickTime!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sghoughton
    Same here. Couldnt disassociate it from mp3 no matter what i tried, so away it went.

    Get VLC

    It is so much better than QT.

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    Re: ARGH!! Freakin' QuickTime!!

    QuickTime sure looks awesome steaming a teaser for Mel Gibson's upcoming movie APOCALYPTO in full screen H.264 HD format on my iMac G5. Love it!

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    Re: ARGH!! Freakin' QuickTime!!

    QuickTime's come quite a long way over the years, and it's quite a good product -- I don't want to take that away from them.

    But whatever marketing idiot inflicted this aggressively invasive high-jacking should be taken out and strung up somewhere.

    QuickTime has undoubtedly lost a lot of marketshare because of this (there've been innumberable complaints about it)... and would have done well to simply let the product stand on its merits.


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