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Topic: OT: setting up scoring to video

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    OT: setting up scoring to video

    I\'m about to start writing to video, and would like to know how people are doing this. I\'ve never done it before. So far I\'m planning to get a video capture card, either analog or digital. I\'m going to capture the video and import it into Sonar 2.0. I assume \"capture\" just means I press play on the source and record on the video software, and I get a file on the computer.
    Is this the way people usually do it? Or do they have the video on a separate screen/tv?
    Any suggestions? I imagine it shouldn\'t be too complicated, but as we all know things are usually more difficult the first time.
    I know I need to get a big hard drive too.

    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: OT: setting up scoring to video

    if you are working with people who are editing the video on a computer, they may be able to send you an AVI or MOV file of the video on CD/DVD. Then you can convert it to a lower resolution but same frame rate and import it into cakewalk or another sequencer and score along side.

    thats how I do it.

    this way I can send them an audio file(s) that is sync\'d perfectly with the video they send.

    atleast this is the way I work, but I may shift and sync video on another computer with good video playback hardware so I can project it on a TV and score that way. Just sync the video playback to SMPTE or MTC.

    I jsut cant jsutify another computer jsut for video playback. Its stupid. If I build another computer its going to be for giga!! Which I\'m doing as I type this [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: setting up scoring to video

    Thanks for the suggestions KingIdiot.
    It didn\'t occur to me that they might already have the video as a file. I\'ll definitely ask about that.

    Anthony Lombardi

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