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Topic: Building Pc: AMD vs Intel?

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    Question Building Pc: AMD vs Intel?

    Hi! to all,

    I'm building i new Pc, i hear many good things about Athlon 64 whit socket 939, and it's now my first choice, but the ram seems to be more expensive for that Pc, and since i want to fill it up(4 Gb), i'm looking at an intel solution, having found cheaper ram there. The intel solution i'm looking at is base on the new socket LGA775i915 whit pci x16 suport. Again ram is very important(i want to load as big templates as i can) but i also wonder about PCI x16, i know there are issues whit pci x16 videocards but i can work around that, is there any benefit whit the intel socket? Are there gonna be pcix16 soundcards develope in the future?,i don't want to dicard the i915 intel solution caus it look powerful. Heat is also important, AMD seems better there. This is gonna be a GIGA systeme, unless NI fixes Kontack.

    I'm lookin for inputs, any body use that chepset(intel i915) and giga studio whit sucsess? What's your mother bord? anything to look out for?

    As for for AMD , is Asus motherbord good for samplers?, whitch one do you use? any thing to look out for?

    Any info will be welcome. good and bad.

    Thank and all the best for 2006.

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    Re: Building Pc: AMD vs Intel?

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    Re: Building Pc: AMD vs Intel?

    Thank for the super quick response, i did read a little about it earlyer but it got lost in my seartch, there's so mutch out there , this gonna be very helpfull.

    Now i wonder how mutch ram i should get, since you seem to load alot of stuff(450+ voice) on just 2 midi ports(giga), am i getting this right. And, i don't think i can afford dual prossors right + win. pro., this could be out of budjet and i don' think i'll be using lots of effect on this set up, beside i will use virtual outputs on my soudcard for processing(just for ambience), to free my prossor, de idee is to load as much samples in giga while i' m having breafast, so i can go and work whitout having to load, and load , and l... Do you think 2 processors are necessary just to play samples, i will be doing the prossesing in my mean daw latter. What's your CPU reading whit 450+ voices, do use effect like gigapulse? And just 2 midi port, is you ram full loaded?

    Sorry for all the questions but your setup is pretty mutch what i had in mind down to the power supply, so you're the right man for this.

    BTW, i think your friends have been visiting the same websit i did, the similareties are obvious, and you could have had your pc build up there,and deliver whit lifetimes supports, for a price very close to what you paid, do care to know this shop? They sound very serius and that's all they do. But thanks again, now i know for shure that it works.


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    Re: Building Pc: AMD vs Intel?

    Thanks Lee, i din't see it.

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