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Topic: OT:Mac OS 10 question

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    OT:Mac OS 10 question

    Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for a diverting, entertaining, informative year.

    I keep running into this frustrating OSX problem: When I try to archive finished projects by dragging them to an external drive, if a file name is too long I get an error message and the process is interrupted. Is there a workaround for this issue? It's extremely frustrating.

    Thanks all,

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    Re: OT:Mac OS 10 question

    If the project's in a folder, you can try make an Archive of it (stuffing it or winzip on pc). If you option click on the folder, say "create archive of ..." and it will do it for you. That should work....


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    Re: OT:Mac OS 10 question

    Jeff, thanks.
    Funnily enough, another Jeff answered my question on a OSX forum. Apparently, if two discs aren't formatted identically, you can get this problem. My discs were Mac OS Extended and Mac OS Standard.

    Anyway, I'm intrigued by your suggestion. Do people typically compress their files (for me, a project includes sequences, sound files, video, folders within folders) before archiving? I have never done that. Are there any issues regarding data loss/compromised audio etc?

    I still might not want to compress cos I often have to go back to find files and having to unzip each time might be a PITA.

    But really appreciate your helpful suggestion, thanks.

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    Re: OT:Mac OS 10 question

    Are they old disks? Otherwise there's no reason to format a disk any other way than Extended. On Windows machines you can choose the size of the blocks and get some extra performance by using larger ones, but on Mac it doesn't seem to matter, and in fact some programs like Pro Tools get mad if you don't use Extended.

    And surely the number of characters in the file name would have to do with the OS, not the disk formatting? I've never heard of that one before.

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    Re: OT:Mac OS 10 question

    I don`t compress mine. Just worried that I might not able to
    decompress it in the future. But if you want to compress it,
    you should test decompressing before you delete the original files.

    But for me, even if the test goes well,
    I still won`t compress it because I`m afraid of data loss :P

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    Re: OT:Mac OS 10 question

    the standard formatted disk is a LaCie external I bought a couple of years ago. I don't remember but I have a feeling I formatted it myself so I probably just made a mistake.
    Apparently Mac OS Standard limits file names to 31 characters.

    Thanks again everyone.

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