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Topic: Gigasampler, Pulsar & Logic - terrible latency

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    Gigasampler, Pulsar & Logic - terrible latency

    I just finally managed to get Gigasampler to (kind of) work with Pulsar and Logic, but when all three are running together (how I would want to use it) the latency is so bad it\'s barely useable. It\'s not even constant; when I record, one phrase will be fine and the next one might be delayed a second. Even with just Pulsar and gigasampler running, latency feels like a good half second and certainly much much slower than on my Soundblaster Live. Also, the whole system seems to really struggle; meters don\'t respond, keys take ages to respond etc. despite my system being fairly fast (PIII 500, 256Mb, Matrox G400 Max). Does anyone know why this is happening or how it might be sorted out.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Gigasampler, Pulsar & Logic - terrible latency

    One thing is Logic 4.0 If that\'s what you are using, that will cause plenty of problems. Emagic is looking into this. Logic 3.6 works much nicer. Try that if this is the case. Also, the Pulsar is some what of a hit or miss right now. If they write to the GigaSampler InterFace, that will be a solution for reliable tested playback and through all the outputs instead of just two.
    Also, creamware MIDI ports have been a problem for us.
    For now, it may be best to play the GigaSampler through the SB live if it is still in the system.
    Take care

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    Re: Gigasampler, Pulsar & Logic - terrible latency

    One thing, just a suggestion. I have had similar kind of problems, and I have found that with Logic, I get no problems at all, if I switch to using Hubi\'s Midi Loopback v2.5 for sending midi to Gigasampler instead of the Endless Wave Driver that you see. It might not work for everyone, but since I did that it ironed out all my problems. You need to tell logic to send on LB1 and tell Giga to receive on LB1.

    Another thing you have to do is go into you Win.ini and the Logic info bit, look for any drivers active (they will say something like LB1 input=1) that you don\'t want active. For example if you plan to send LB1 to Gigasampler, then you must deactivate it as a Midi input in logic(make it =0 instead of =1 don\'t have logic running at the time though), otherwise you\'ll be looping the midi data straight back into logic.

    If you do try this, I would suggest deactivating the Endless Wave Driver as both an ouput and input in the win.ini

    I\'m not saying this will work for you, but It helped my system a lot, I now use Hubi for all internal midi drivers (no Generator internal driver also, I just use LB2 instead). I find it makes the whole system more stable.


    p.s. Dave if you are reading this, do you know why the Endless Wave Midi driver has some kind of link to the audio channel you select as an output for Giga. Seems strange to link the two, yet, whenever I activate the endless wave midi driver in any program, my Aardvark 20/20 tells me the Gigasampler wave pair are in use! That\'s why I use Hubi.

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    Re: Gigasampler, Pulsar & Logic - terrible latency

    Thanks for the responses Guys.

    I\'ve also been talking to Creamware about the problem. I\'m trying to get them to hurry up writing the Gigasampler hooks. They seem to have been working on them for ages and I gather from Nemesys that they should be capable of being incorporated in a couple of days.

    Creamware did mention that they have developed their own interface specifically for Gigasampler - in Ingo Raven of Vreamware\'s own words \"We have a special interface for Gigasampler that supports multiple outs with almost ZERO latency !! With this interface Gigasampler would react
    like an external hardware sampler.
    I don\'t know why, but Gigasampler does not support it yet (some adaption of Gigasampler is required)\"

    Dave, do you know anything about this and whether Nemesys intend to support Creamware\'s interface? This problem has been going on for too long now and really needs to be resolved soon.

    Thanks again.


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