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Topic: Waltz of the Penguins

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    Waltz of the Penguins

    I have a lot of demo listening to catch up on, but in the meantime . . .

    Here is my "Waltz of the Penguins" . . . months ago my sister asked for a waltz for her 22nd birthday . . . and she wanted it to be called "Waltz of the Penguins" So I began work on it months ago . . . in September I suppose. I finally finished it just last night, just in time for her birthday, which was actually last night, but since she was out partying with friends, we haven't had the formal celebration yet (But that can't be all I give her . . . in addition to the music, she'll be getting the 4th season DVD set to her favorite sit-com, Will & Grace )

    Anyway . . . let's get to the music! Here 'tis

    MP3 : http://wizardwalk.com/music/Waltz_Of_The_Penguins.mp3

    Whew, it turned out to be 7 minutes long! Eh, that's nothing compared to the true masters of waltz I suppose But for me, it's my third longest composition

    I hope you enjoy! You can even dance if you'd like . . . though the tempo changes may be tricky
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins

    I have this peculiar admiration of penguins for some odd reason... lol -- so I was a sucker for this one.

    What a neat piece! The tempo changes and management really work well in this, Sean -- in fact, make the whole piece tick.

    As for the length, I suppose seven minutes might be a bit long for a waltz... but I've got to say I really didn't notice. There's a well sustained flow to the piece that keeps it moving forward, and to me, that's the main factor in how long a piece should be -- so long as you've got your listener's interest and hold it, you're go for good.

    Nice job!


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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins

    This was my first piece of music to listen to for the New Year. Now I am in a good mood - I hope it lasts all the way until Dec. 31 - Thanks Sean!

    I'm grateful for the health of my two toddler children, who are now fascinated with penguins after receiving some Ntl Geographic DVDs from their grandparents for Christmas.

    As soon as they wake up, I'll share this tune with them - they both like to dance, and I'm sure they'll be able to imitate a penguin waltz quite well.

    I love the sencond-to-last section - big and brassy, fit for the screen.

    Cheers and Happy New Year,


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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins

    I counted 7 's in your post sean.. LOL
    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins

    Great piece. A lot of the tunes sound very similar to various video game soundtracks I can't identify right now.

    ♪♪♪♪ CâTå ♪♪♪♪

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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins

    This is absolutley delightful. Your best yet. While I didn't picture penguins waltzing I did picture the smile on your sister's face when she hears it. The length was perfect for your material and the manner in which you developed it. Great work!! Everyone should have a brother like you.

    Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them. Richard Strauss

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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins

    Sean -

    I enjoyed every minute of your 7 minute composition. The orchestration and the manner to which you develope your piece creates a wonderful story told by you through your music. What a lovely gift for your sister!!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins


    I agree with Bill, this is definately your best piece yet ! On first listening, I wondered how you would keep it going for seven minutes, but you did it brilliantly. It is a splendid work. Hope your sister liked it as much as we did.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins

    Well, I am downloading it now, might be done before I go to bed, considering that I stay up rather late. I will give you my impressions of the music tomorrow, but right now, the title took me by surprise. I started writing a waltz with that title, not long ago, but it changed it's mind and became something else, and I have forgotten what. I am always surprised at these odd co-incidences that life is so fillled with. I am expecting good music, else I would not be wating for such a long download on my slow connection!


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    Senior Member rwayland's Avatar
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    Re: Waltz of the Penguins

    Well, Sean, I think your sister ought to be well pleased with your musical offering. It is nicely melodic, well crafted, well orchestrated. You might consider marking the transistions between sections by some small device to announce an imminent change -- not much, just a little alert. You don't want to detract from your music, just add a tiny little bit.

    If you sister is not pleased, tell her that this old fogey stayed up past his bedtime to listen to the whole thing, and liked it.


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