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Topic: Calling all Sonar Users ...

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    Calling all Sonar Users ...

    Quote Originally Posted by stmain
    ... when I load GPO into Sonar 5, and try to make midi recordings, occasionally (okay, more than occasionally) the GPO instruments will start playing a whole step flat.

    (Poolman's Reply) I found a quick fix was to go to the Kontakt Player, find the offending instrument and tweak the tuning knob off centre and back again. Bummer!

    (atonal's Reply) Same here .. ! Double bummer !!
    Cubasis v Sonar ... After weeks of wrangling and indecision and reading of endless posts on Garritan, Cubase and Sonar forums I finally decided to buy Sonar in the new year when funds were available. Then I read the above post to be found here http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=41046

    This is somewhat off putting .. Do any other Sonar users have the same problem?

    There are already debates in the forums regarding Cubase v Sonar (a good example here http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...t=Cubase+Sonar and having read these I side with those who find the use of a dongle repulsive. To date I have never supported any software that uses this type of copy protection. Please don't misunderstand me, I do agree that software developers have every right to protect their work but I also agree with the arguments in the debates for alternative methods of copy protection.

    However, if Cubase has less problems then I would reconsider .. sooo .. back to my original query .. do all Sonar users suffer with this Kontakt Player/Sonar pitch problem or any other significant problem for that matter?

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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    I've never experienced this with Sonar.
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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    I had experienced this a few times with an early version of the Kontakt Player instrument and GPO. Essentially, if you clicked on the wrong area of the virtual keyboard (typically the lower edge, if I recall correctly), the GUI would interpret this as dragging the virtual pitch wheel all the way down. To get the instrument back in tune, you'd have to click the pitch wheel to center it.

    This hasn't happened to me for quite a while, which I'd attribute to running the GPO Kontakt Player update patch. Otherwise, I might guess that this only happens with the DXi version, as around the same time I started to use the wrapped VSTi player instead due to the "tempo change bug".

    - m
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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    I use GPO often with Sonar 5 and have never experienced that.
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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shazbot
    I use GPO often with Sonar 5 and have never experienced that.
    Exactly the same here.

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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    Hi Michael, since I'm the guy who originally had the problem in the post that you referenced, I should explain it further...

    First, it isn't a constant problem by any means -- more in the "pesky, annoying" category. It seems to happen with no rhyme or reason as far as I can tell. I also THINK I've been able to make it go away by jogging the tuning wheel back to center, but I'm not entirely sure that's what cured it in those times. It is annoying when it happens.

    For clarification, I'm running Sonar 5, PE, GPO with all updates.

    Steve Main

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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    And (one last thing) I'm running all the above as a VST, for what that's worth.
    Steve Main

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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    Also never seen it...S3 through S5

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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    FWIW I've never experienced this problem either. I'm running Sonar 5 and love it.


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    Re: Calling all Sonar Users ...

    LOL, I've also never seen this problem and I'm running Cubase SX-3 and loving it


    PS I also have Sonar 2, 4PE and 5PE and I USE SX-3 (because the midi piano roll editing is SSOOOO much better in SX-3).

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