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    Smile TRILOGY!

    Have a very good 2006 everyone.
    Just ordered Trilogy from Best Service!
    And, man, after reading Broomstick vs. Trilogy I can´t wait to get it.
    I imagine to have a new backbone for music production in a coupa days, consisting of Stylus with most expanders (I think the only one missing now is Metamorphosis/should I get it?) and approximately 10 or 12 gigs of converted Rex files.

    Eric, anything planned update-wise? Just asking because I liked the Stylus update so much!

    Again, happy new year everyone!

    From Frankfurt, Germany,


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    Re: TRILOGY!

    Trilogy is dope. You're going to love it.

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    Re: TRILOGY!

    Anyone know if you can assign a midi controller to the filter envelope in Trilogy?

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    Re: TRILOGY!

    If you check the Trilogy manual, there is a page showing all the MIDI CC's for the various parameters in Trilogy.

    I would think it's as simple as assigning the controller to control that parameter, although I personally have not ever tried it.

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