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Topic: Hammerfall + Win2kPro = crash?!

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    Hammerfall + Win2kPro = crash?!

    I just started trying out win2kpro (SP2) with Giga, but the driver for the Hammerfall (9652) crashes it every time. I don\'t even have to play any sounds through it; touching the driver in any way, even trying to uninstall it, causes a crash. This happened both with the original driver from the CD, and the most recent one from the web site. It doesn\'t look like an IRQ problem - one time I was able to keep the machine alive long enough to look at IRQ usage, and there weren\'t any conflicts.

    Any ideas? Anybody else using the 9652 with win2k?

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    Re: Hammerfall + Win2kPro = crash?!

    Solved, thanks to RME support - setting PnP to \"no\" in the bios fixes the problem. (Not sure why, though...)

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    Re: Hammerfall + Win2kPro = crash?!

    Hey Bill,

    As a \"fresh\" RME customer I am also discovering the great value of the RME newsgroup at rme-audio.forum. Much recommended.

    And congratz,

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