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Topic: Kontakt 2 reverb + GPO + sequencer mixdown

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    Kontakt 2 reverb + GPO + sequencer mixdown

    If anyone could help me with the following, it would really be appreciated.

    I have an audio wave file of a piece of music created with GPO, with no reverb.
    I would like to import the file into my Cakewalk "Home Studio", and add some reverb. As I have Kontakt 2, with all of it's different convolution reverb settings, what I would like to do is mix down the GPO audio file, with some convolution reverb from Kontakt 2. Is it actually possible to do this?
    I know how to add reverb to an actual instrument in Kontakt 2, but to add reverb from Kontakt 2 to a mix without using an instrument from Kontakt 2, that appears to be tricky.
    If anyone could please give me some information on this, I'd be real happy!

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    Re: Kontakt 2 reverb + GPO + sequencer mixdown

    I guess you could mix down your project to an audio file without reverb, then create a new instrument in Kontakt, import your audio file as a sample, map it to a single key, add whatever reverb and so on you want, then just "play" that key long enough for the audio file to run through completely.

    I have no idea how well that would work.
    Dan Powers

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    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Kontakt 2 reverb + GPO + sequencer mixdown

    Yes, sounds like that would work.

    Otherwise, you could use a free convolution reverb like SIR.

    - m
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    Re: Kontakt 2 reverb + GPO + sequencer mixdown

    Here is another vote for the free SIR reverb.


    along with some free impulses at www.noisevault.com

    I recommend the 350seat and 1800seat SETS. (I'm more familiar with the 350seat set).

    Just to try it, use the 350seat MidSideRow2Left2.wav impulse, 0db Dry and about -6.5 to -7.5db Wet (to taste).

    If you want to get fancy, then send your GPO wav to an Aux (additional) and then ADD a SMALL amount of the 350seat FarSpCardRow2Left2.wav (with -infinity Dry and 0db Wet - because you will only add a small amount of it on top of the MidWide... impulse). Here is an example of adding a small amount of the FarSp... to a Franck Violin Sonata (only listen to the reverb, the performance is awful) http://www.wusik.com/song.php?id=362

    If you want to get very fancy, then you will have to export instruments singularly (or in groups) to separate wav files and then apply the appropriate impulse to each. This will help increase the left-right separation of theinstruments and improve the forward-back depth of the mix. My only good examples would be from my own music at http://ybacuo.wusik.com/ but they are modernish chaos-more chaos style. The Ode and chic.ahh.go would be the best.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Kontakt 2 reverb + GPO + sequencer mixdown

    Hi guys,

    thanks to you all for the information. I'll try the suggestion of kontakt 2. I'll have had a look at the SIR reverb also.
    The reverb for the Frank Violin sonata actually sounds very impressive.

    thanks again to you all for the help.



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