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Topic: Can RMX load Stormdrum loops/patches?

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    Can RMX load Stormdrum loops/patches?

    Hello everyone,

    I've been thinking long and hard about picking up Stylus RMX and this would seal the deal. Will RMX load my stormdrum loops/patches? I'm guessing no, as they are designed to be used with kontakt and intakt, but maybe someone out there has figured out a way to do it? How about apple loops? Raw AIFF's? Waves?

    I'm just trying to figure out what else I can potentially do with Stylus, so that Eric and company get my money faster

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    Re: Can RMX load Stormdrum loops/patches?

    Nope. It can't load Intakt loops. It would be a nice future-feature. At this time only Recylce loops can be converted to SAGE. If you absolutely had to have one of the StormDrum loops in RMX you could export it as a single wav, load it up in Recycle, slice it up, save, then convert it to SAGE. Sounds like a bit of work and it would be for the entire set of loops, but not too big a deal for a loop or two.


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