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Topic: Question about standalone mod-wheel

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    Question about standalone mod-wheel

    Hi All! Happy New Year!

    I know this question's been asked before, and I've already read those previous posts, but I want to ask it again: is there any such device as a stand-alone modwheel that I could purchase? I use a Yamaha Clavinova for my note input into Finale or Sonar, and it has no modwheel. What I'd love is a device (probably USB) that could sit on top of my piano, and while I enter melodies into Sonar with my RH, the left hand could be making the volume go up and down.

    The simpler and dumber a device this is, the better it would be for me. Any ideas? The guys I talked to at the local pro-audio shop had no idea what I was after. I'd appreciate any help!

    Steve Main

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    Re: Question about standalone mod-wheel

    Have you considered a small 25 key midi controller such as the Alesis Photon x25? It has a full size mod wheel, additional contoller knobs that might be of use as well as an analog I/O port.

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    Re: Question about standalone mod-wheel

    Thanks guys.... drat, I was hoping to avoid buying another keyboard, even a little one.

    I do actually have a very small M-Audio keyboard, that I use for laptop note input (for when I can't stand another MOMENT in my home studio and need to get outdoors and work!). But it's kind of a pain because of all the octave switching I have to do (it's not got that many keys, a virtue for portability).

    I have seen the various standalone "midi controllers" that are available for purchase, but I can never tell (just from looking at online pics of them) how I'd use them as a modwheel -- it feels like a knob is ergonomically not as suited for smooth crescendi, etc., as an actual WHEEL. But maybe I'm wrong? Is anyone out there using one of these controllers to do the functions of a modwheel?

    Thanks in advance for all help!
    Steve Main

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    Re: Question about standalone mod-wheel

    And yes, Tom, you're right.... Shostakovich may very well BE God.
    Steve Main

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