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Topic: basic configuration ? with the delta 1010

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    basic configuration ? with the delta 1010

    i have a GS 160 on windows2k with a delta 1010.
    ( 512k ram)
    i got my logic platinum runing from gs and it seems i can get quite a few tracks when playing midi( not sure yet how many)
    however when i capture to disk thats when i seem to have problems i get lots of clicks when i ty to play BOTH audio and GS midi tracks.
    for my drives i have a ide for system and
    a scsi atlas18g 160 for audio.
    is there any way to play BOTH recorded tracks in logic and at the same time GS midi track?
    i have tried the following:
    1. capure and play audio tracks from ide.
    2. adjusted all of the buffer parameters in logic
    3. tried various output assingments from GS.
    and confiurations in the delta
    will buying a 3 rd scci drive work?
    is this a driver limitation in the delta? or a normal perfromance limitation? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
    any ideas??

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    Re: basic configuration ? with the delta 1010

    I don\'t think it\'s a driver limitation of the Delta 1010. I\'m using it for what you describe with no problems.

    (SONAR, Win2k SP3)

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    Re: basic configuration ? with the delta 1010

    i lowered the latency a bit which appears to be working

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    Re: basic configuration ? with the delta 1010

    Mike I was told by M Audio that if you\'re using audio and getting some pops and clicks to try dropping the graphics acceleration down one notch from high. Ever since I did this, the pops and clicks went away.

    Hope that helps.

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