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Topic: Nuendo2 & Symphonic Choir?

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    Nuendo2 & Symphonic Choir?

    I heard from a friend of mine that EWQL Symphonic Choir (word builder) cannot be used with Nuendo v.2, it has to be Nuendo v3.1.
    Is this true?

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    Re: Nuendo2 & Symphonic Choir?

    Hello there,

    I'm on SX, but I guess Nuendo is pretty close to it.

    It will work, but one has to disable shortcuts within a main host program (Cubase or Nuendo). Not a big deal, you say? Well, for me it is.

    But that's not a showstopper. Wollowinf EWQL advice I've simply created another profile in the preferences, with disabled shortcuts, and loaded it to work with WordBuilder. After bouncing to audio I've reverted to original profile.

    It has been addressed in SX 3.1, so likely Nuendo above 3.1 could use shortcuts even when WordBuilder is launched.



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