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Topic: GPO with Sibelius 4

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    GPO with Sibelius 4


    I am new here and have some questions.

    Has anyone here used Sibelius 4 with GPO?

    Is it worth it?

    I have Sibelius 3 and Kontakt Gold. I really like Sibelius 3. I think it is very advanced software with an intuitive interface. It is also a thousand times faster to compose on Sibelius than writing by hand. The only problem is that the Kontakt Gold samples are far from inspirational. I cannot get inspired by the whiny sounds.

    I listened to the GPO samples and they sound very nice. I am seriously considering upgrading to Sibelius 4 and purchasing GPO for Sibelius.

    I already have EWQL Gold, which is wonderful, and I can use it in my Logic Express 7 sequencer. My question, besides wondering if any of you have experience with GPO and Sibelius 4, is: should upgrade to Sib 4 and GPO when I already have EWQL Gold? My thought is that running GPO Sibelius Edition in Sibelius 4 would use less RAM than running Sibelius, a virtual MIDI cable, and Logic Express 7 along with EWQL Gold. With the extra RAM I could work more quickly and use more instruments simaltaneously. Am I correct, or would the difference be so minute that it isn't worth the $300 upgrade fee?

    Also, I am considering Notion (which will be coming out for Macintosh next month I believe). Notion uses samples from the LSO recorded at Abbey Roads, which could be great. Does anyone have experience with Notion and can they comment on whether or not it is superior to Sibelius?

    Finally, when I play a professional recording (with real instruments) on my laptop, it still sounds nice, but when I play a synthesized recording on my laptop, it sounds no where near as good as on my monitoring speakers. Is this because the professional recording is mastered?


    P.S. My computer I run Sibelius on is an Apple iMac G5 1.8Ghz 17" with 1024 MB RAM.

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    Re: GPO with Sibelius 4

    I think it is true that the Sibelius-GPO package will use less RAM than GPO Studio and Sibelius. GPO Studio uses quite a substantial chunk of computer power.

    I would investigate Notion quite thoroughly. Do some searching on all the Norther Sounds pages. You may discover some things better discovered before purchase rather than after.


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    Re: GPO with Sibelius 4

    Unless you have a fast CPU and lots of RAM on your computer, this Sib 4/GPO is not going to be the answer to your prayers.

    I was really looking forward to GPO Sibelius edition and I must say I am some how disappointed because my current laptop specs do not allow me to fully use this combination.

    GPO sounds are fantastic and I know what you mean when you say that you can not get inpired by thin and less than convincing sound, I am the same and with GPO anything you write comes to life.

    The primarly reason that I am not completely satisfied here is because I can not use the reverb provided by KOntakt, it is far too CPU intense and so I can only create my composition and play them back dry wich is not the same thing... Have a look at the Sibelius forum for more feedbacks on this, there are people that are trying to find a way out but so far I feel that the obvious thing to do is to upgrade the actual PC or Mac.

    With this answer my intent is not to tell people of not to buy GPO Sib edition but to tell what has not really been said before this update was put on the market, not everybody has super computer with fast CPU etc.
    In my case spending $49 for this upgrade was not really the issue, because I was already working on Sib 4 but for someone that has to spend money upgrading Sib 3 + the GPO upgrade or spending the full price for GPO/Sib is a different matter.

    My laptop specs are:

    -Toshiba satellite 2.8 Ghz
    - 1 Gb Ram
    - M-Audio FW 410 sound card with ASIO drive

    Good luck and Happy New Year.


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