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Topic: Changing ambience in kontakt2 ?

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    Changing ambience in kontakt2 ?

    This should probably be in the Kontakt forum but I'll give it a try here

    How do you change the impulse files from the defaut 071105 to the 221105_mono_dry impulse on Kontakt 2 The "Presets give me the standard Kontakt files but not the Garritan impulse and I cna't find a dialog that allows me to change the file search location

    also what do the other 2 impulse files provide ?


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    Cool Re: Changing ambience in kontakt2 ?

    Sheeesh - RTFM Fred - You mean all I had to do was drag the @)(*@# file into the convolution window - Guess I'll have to learn Kontakt 2 (when all I really want to do is play around with my new "Strad"

    ("Maybe someone else might have the same question" he says to himself embarassed, as he silently logs off......

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    Re: Changing ambience in kontakt2 ?


    You anticipated my reply.

    We provided four impulses. The basic concept was to keep them as dry as possible, in order to avoid any interference with further ambience. The two "ambience" IR simply add some neutral space around the intrument. The "stereo" IR is derived from a stereo recording, no ambience added. The "mono dry" is particularly suitable for furter processing with a large hall.

    While ambience may be more efficiently added as a convolution (or reverb) plugin in the sequencer, please note that Kontakt2 may be configured to do the same job. You may add a second convolver (or reverb) in "insert effect" -> instrument insert fx. By setting the latency to 5.8 msec you should be able to add a real time ambience of 3.5 sec with a total CPU load of about 40-50%.


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