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Topic: Problem getting more than onei instrument in Cubasesx3

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    Problem getting more than onei instrument in Cubasesx3

    I am new, so I apologize if this was asked before. I have personal orchestra, and I use Cubase sx3. I have everything going good up until the point I try to ad another instrument (adding another midi track). I followed the instructional on this website on how to use GPO with cubase, and got it working, but like I said, I have the one midi track going good (say a violin), but when I try to ad another track (say percussion), I can't do it. I assign the instrument the same way I did the first, and no sound comes out when I play the keyboard. I have been at it all day, and I can't seem to get it stratight. If anyone might know the what I'm doing wrong, please let me know.

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    Re: Problem getting more than onei instrument in Cubasesx3

    Load your second instrument into the second slot of the player. Make sure the second instrument is set to a different midi channel from the first (e.g. If the first instrument was set to midi channel 1, set the second instrument to midi channel 2.) If you already have a second midi track created in Cubase make sure that it is routed to the Garritan player, that the midi channel is set to the same one as the second instrument in the player (in my example, channel 2), and the second midi track is highlighted. If it is a percussive instrument you should be able to just play, if it is an expressive instrument (winds and most strings) then bring up the mod wheel and play. There are other possibilities but these are the most common ones.


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    Re: Problem getting more than onei instrument in Cubasesx3

    Double-check your SX3 prefs that you are routing MIDI through the currently selected MIDI track.
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