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Topic: RCA plugs and speakers

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    RCA plugs and speakers

    My speakers have general speaker wire and also an adaptor for RCA which has the two red&white plugs, but the Audiophile 2496, which I have, also has plugs on the end. How do I connect them? Do I just put one of these


    between them?

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    Re: RCA plugs and speakers

    Go to your local Radio Shack. They have adapters for just about any type of plug.



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    Re: RCA plugs and speakers

    Yes, if your speakers have RCA ins then a simple RCA cable like the one you linked to will do fine. I reccomend a medium priced cable. Don't get the super cheap ones, they are not sturdy, but don't get fooled into thinking you need those $150 monster cables. Usually that's overkill. BUT- with an analog signal a beefy cable with gold ends is a good call.

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    Re: RCA plugs and speakers

    Yeah, I visited my dgital music store nearby and they said pretty much what you said. Thanks.

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