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Topic: *crackles*

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    Forgive the slightly OT question...

    I\'m running Giga alongside Sonar and some soft synths on the same DAW with no problems EXCEPT... when I record my outboard synth through my Delta 44 in Sonar.

    The resulting wav has crackles. I sometimes even hear crackles when monitoring the input in Sonar.

    Any ideas or suggestions on how I might solve this would be greatly appreciated.

    Here\'s the spec:

    AMD Athlon 1.4G 266 fsb processor
    Iwill KK266plus motherboard
    IBM 60GB Ultra/100 7200rpm (Audio)
    Matrox 30GB Ultra/100 7200rpm (OS, apps)
    Delta 44
    1 gig RAM
    Win 98

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: *crackles*

    Hm. Try to record it with both HDs. I\'d suggest to record to the IBM, so the OS HD is untouched. Rendering the wav on the same HD could end in some crackles.

    Also check that UDMA settings are enabled for both drives.

    Did you test to record it with another application than Sonar?

    Hoe this helps...


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