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Topic: etLux, superhero!

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    etLux, superhero!

    I was just lurking in the dark corners of the forum, as I do almost every night after work, and noticed that etlux had a whole bunch of postings today. I totalled them up for the day of 12-29-05 and it is at a staggering 45 posts.

    etLux, the superhero of the posting world.
    Able to give good feed back in a single sitting.

    Thanks etLux! That is so cool that you take the time to listen to so many postings in one day and give good advice and comments.

    You are of monumental stature within this comunity.

    Three horrays for etLux,

    Hip hip...... Horray!!!!!

    Hip hip...... Horray!!!!!

    Hip hip...... Horray!!!!!

    Ok, I'll go back to surfing the forum.
    Just thought I would give credit where credit is due.

    Take care etlux. I'll be watching for more words of your widom.

    Over and out 88.
    This proves it. I am a nut.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: etLux, superhero!

    Yep, Totally agree. As far as I am concerned etLux is "da man". I think this forum should lobby congress, to have him made a National Treasure.I find his music inspirational, and his support for his fellow composers unflagging.
    Thank you for the light you have shone, David.

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    Re: etLux, superhero!

    Holy cow! 45 posts? Did I, really?

    I get lost in there, listening, sometimes, and the hours go by.

    I was also very, very long overdue to catch up on my hearings of all the new material. Generally, I stop by the forum every day or two, and listen to every new piece that's come along -- but I've been a bit off my mettle again, last several weeks.

    In any event, there's so much great stuff to mull over, so much to learn from what other writers are doing -- when I can't get by on a regular basis, I've genuinely grown to miss it.

    I do hope to be back again, now, on a somewhat more regular basis... still have quite a lot of listening to catch up on!

    Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and words, 88fingers and Joaz.

    All my best,


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