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Topic: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

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    Question Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    Any library or VI out there that covers Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers, etc...? I'm familiar with American Heartland, but since it's from the Akai era (and the biggest guitar tops out at 30 meg), I'm wondering if there's anything out there that's more contemporary...

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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    RA has a great banjo, and it has a couple of nice acoustics as well. No "pre-strummed" chords though, if you were looking for that. I don't recall it having a Dulcimer, but I know it has a Santour.... not the same thing, but from that "family".

    American Heartland's Dulcimer is more than adequate in my opinion. Actually, that whole library holds up remarkably well when you consider how old it is, and it's size limitations.

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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    Bolder Sounds has a very nice dulcimer collection.


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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    Have an eye on the Bolder set as well. The demos at http://www.boldersounds.com/ are quite promising!

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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    The Front Porch Banjo is also well worth looking at.


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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    The Bardstown and Front Porch banjos are nice. Bardstown is more front and center, Front Porch is a little phasier sounding and a bit funkier.

    The nylon guitar from VSL is lovely. The Matt Ragan steel guitar is nice. I also really like the Nashville High-Strung guitars for that "Eagles" kind of sound--it's strictly a "strumming" library targeted for that specific technique.

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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    I think Realguitar should be brought up in this thread as well. An updated version is to be released shortly.

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    While orchestral/drum/piano samples are omnipresent, comprehensive acoustic guitar libraries are still undiscovered territory. Yes, there's VSL, but I don't like that strong "nail" tone.

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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    For acoustic guitar I think Real Guitar is as good as it gets right now, especially for realistic strumming. The new version is adding features that will improve lead playing (real time legato slides, hammer ons, pull offs).

    But, RG only covers steel and nylon string 6 string acoustics.. no banjos, dulcimers, etc.

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    Re: Acoustic Guitars/Banjos/Dulcimers?

    pure guitars has some of the very best acoustic guitars do your self a favor and listen to the demos

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