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Topic: Little fugue from book I

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    Smile Little fugue from book I

    why leaving you with a little tune?

    With a lot of piece for organ, here is a theme I have fugated with GPO organ for my book one. (now it needs a prelude)

    Very small though!!

    Happy new year!!!!

    Fugue Nr.15 C minor

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    Re: Little fugue from book I

    Hello Roberto!

    This is 1:30 of extremely interesting writing, Roberto... the intricacy of it, and the elegantly complex and masterful relationships of the voices -- superbly done.

    Please! Do a development of this! You have us all baited with this tremendous fugal opening... you *must* give us more of it!

    All my best,


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    Re: Little fugue from book I

    Thanks David,

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    Re: Little fugue from book I

    Very enjoyable fugue, Roberto. The main subject initially caught me off guard but you have developed it beautifully. The ending was quite powerful. Can we expect Book 1 to contain a prelude and fugue in each key?

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    Re: Little fugue from book I

    I love fugues realized by the organ - and this one was very enjoyable. Very robust theme.

    Great start Beach ...


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    Re: Little fugue from book I


    I really enjoyed this. Excellent writing. I look forward to hearing more. In fact, if you don't mind, I'd love to see the score. I'm a bit of an organist myself and would like to have a go a this 'little fugue'.

    all the best

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    Re: Little fugue from book I

    WOW! Nice writing. . . nice sequencing. . . nice job!!

    Thanks for share, Roberto! And Happy New Year to you too!!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Little fugue from book I

    Some arithmetic:

    Bach + e = Beach

    Very nice!!


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    Re: Little fugue from book I


    Great work Alberto.

    ..anything in Minor sounds great to me.

    You have a unique melodic passage that carries perfectly throughout.
    … I think this could be a great opportunity to include a choral accompaniment ? !!

    Wonderful work, as usual


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    Re: Little fugue from book I

    Hi Rob,

    where are the other 13 fugues you must let us hear?

    (yes 13 at least, if the big fugue previously posted is counted in...;-)

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