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Topic: Error code 5: Unable to Allocate memory

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    Error code 5: Unable to Allocate memory


    I\'ve done some searching on this board and the tascam message board and don\'t see much in the way of resolution on this topic though it raised often. Can someone tell me how they\'ve solved it - I am curious what the solution is because I still have this problem preventing me from loading about half of my samples.

    It seems strange that I was able to create a performance file that had all of the samples but can only get it to load half way before the dreaded error code 5 message. Would adding more physical memory help? I am working with a 32 channel MIDI file with all 32 channgels having separate samples. Should I just give up on ever having this fixed and keep my music down to few instruments?

    My set up:
    * Pentium 4 - 2 gigahertz with Windows XP
    * Audiophile 2496 with drivers
    * DMA buffer size 384 (tried from min to max)
    * Gigastudio 96 2.53
    * 512 megs RAM (would 1 gig solve problem???)
    * IO Page lock set to 440 megabytes
    * Virtual Memory: 1 gigabyte

    Oh yeah, I get terrible clipping, popping, static too. So frustrated...

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    Re: Error code 5: Unable to Allocate memory

    Hello Lee,

    Thank you for replying. I tried your suggestion of removing the virtual memory completely but I seem to experience the \"Error Code 5: Unable to allocate memory\" error message at the exact same spot when loading a large performance.

    I spoke with someone from Tascam and he suggested I reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows XP. Is that how others have resolved this problem too?? Thanks

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    Re: Error code 5: Unable to Allocate memory

    You might try increasing the ram allocation for the exe file.....just like with mac, windows uses ram allocation....

    allocation errors come when an application isn\'t receiving enough memory in order to open up the file or performance in your case.

    try increasing above the recommended value and see if that gets you anywhere (it won\'t hurt to try)

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    Re: Error code 5: Unable to Allocate memory

    a quick follow up to my reply...

    you don\'t need to reformat ur harddrive.....that could very well NOT solve the issue....and it would be a pain to do all your installing all over again...

    if you are brought to a point where you still think you need to reinstall....i recommend using another HD and installing fresh with that.....and then test to see if tascam was right....this way if they were wrong you can just revert back to your old drive and continue troubleshooting the problem

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    Re: Error code 5: Unable to Allocate memory

    Thanks for the responses.

    Lee, I have tried rebuilding the performance and I get the error when it reaches a large patch.

    13erla, I dont really understand how to change the memory allocation for the program. Can you explain it to me in more detail? Thanks so much!

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