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Topic: firewire drive question

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    firewire drive question

    I am using a firewire drive to transfer files
    between my Mac and pc. On the Mac you drag
    the drive icon into the trash which enables you to \"hot swap\" or remove the drive. Can anyone tell me how you do this on a pc?


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    Re: firewire drive question

    i believe all the oses that support firewire for windows are the same in this matter....

    if you look in ur sys tray you should find a add/remove hardware option.....if it\'s not there then you need to enable that feature to be on.

    which you can do in ur control panel.
    you want to eject the drive when it\'s not in use then it will tell you it is safe to remove.

    let me know if this helps.

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    Re: firewire drive question

    Thanks, I\'ll check it out.

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