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Topic: ASIO and GS; Not impossible!?

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    ASIO and GS; Not impossible!?

    Hey all,

    I\'ve just heard a good news from native instruments. Reaktor with ASIO is in beta.
    I think these numbers will be intersting for all GS users.

    PII 233, 64 mb ram, Gina with 5.00 drivers

    MIDI in to audio out latency: 3.6 msec!!!
    Audio in to audio out latency: 7.2 msec!!
    (and Gina\'s asio are not very fast one)

    I would like to point out that GS would be great with ASIO. Imagine that you can run GS voices through DX/VST plugins. Even if latency can not be less then i.e 10 msec or 20 msec, it would still be great when you run your GS from sequencer. Of course, live playing would be problem, but...

    There must be a way to use GS with dx/vst plugins. Maybe ASIO is the one.
    It would be good to have possiblity to choose asio 2.0 or GSIF. ASIO 2.0 for sequencer and plugins and GSIF for real time playing.

    take care

    p.s. I heard that SDK for asio 2.0 is not pretty hard to work with. :-)

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    Re: ASIO and GS; Not impossible!?

    Yes, that would be fantastic.

    Would open many doors..


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