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Topic: Can't load sounds

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    I just bought Kontakt 2 but for some reason I can't get the sounds to play. I get the test tone and the metranome so I don't think it is the hardware setup. If someone could clue me in to the correct Library installation I would be very appreciative. I must have done something wrong in the install. Does anyone else find the manual to be a bit obtuse or is it just me?
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    Re: Can't load sounds

    Did you build the data base? If not, you need to do so. Look on pp. 76-78 of the manual. Building the data base scans the hard drives to find where the samples are located. It may take 20 minutes for it to do so, dependeing on how many samples you have on your drives.


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    Re: Can't load sounds

    Not quite clear on the problem. You can't load an instrument or you can load it but there is no sound coming from it?

    And yes, there is something very Zen about the manual. The answers are presented in it - sort of - I often find the solution after stepping back and reconsidering the problem at hand...

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