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Topic: Does your external sample drive just disappear?

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    Does your external sample drive just disappear?

    For those of you that are steaming your samples from external USB 2.0 or Firewire drives, does your drives ever just disappear and have to be reconnected? I just started using external USB 2.0 drives recently, and it's already happened to me a few times, and it's kinda pissing me off. What can I do to eliminated this problem?

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    Re: Does your external sample drive just disappear?

    I had a WD usb 2 hard drive that gave me the same problem......About a month after i had it, it stop working completely ...No more external drives for me..i suggest backing up the drive fast....

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    Re: Does your external sample drive just disappear?

    Yesterday, I touched my external USB drive while the comp was running. Apparently I was charged with static electricity, so as soon as I touched the case, there was a loud crack, and my computer went black (and my finger ached). The electrical shock had travelled through the USB cable and fried my motherboard. Literally fried..a controller chip looked like it'd had a firecracker gone off on top of it. It smelled like a barbeque.
    Next week a band comes to do a recording...hope the store fix my comp before that..otherwise I'm in deep sh*t

    Just the other week, the same drive completely lost one of the two 150Gb partitions (NTFS file system was suddenly changed into RAW...hence no data found), when I inserted it into a friends' computer. Fortunately, my local retailer managed to rescue all the data...but it was a close call to say the least.

    So...anyway..sorry, I don't have a clue about your specific problem, but believe me, I'm getting more and more suspicious towards external drives for each day that passes.
    When I get my comp back from repair, I'll most certainly take the drive out of its case and use it as an internal IDE-drive instead (provided that it too wasn't fried by the shock).

    /Daniel Beckman

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    Re: Does your external sample drive just disappear?

    I think it could be temperature related. I use a lot of USB2 drives for streaming samples and previously had a few dying after 4 months of use. Some became very hot after 2 hours of streaming. I replaced the cases with units that had adequate cooling fans. The cheap cases are usually designed for back-ups of data and normally never operate under too much stress.
    Streaming samples produces more heat than writing or reading continuous data. The read heads have to be re-positioned for almost every sample you play. This happens many times per second.
    If they heat up they can become unstable and the operating system can no longer "see" them.
    Since USB2 does not support drive temperature measurement you´ll have to use manual temperature measurement.
    After I replaced my cases with "cool" version they are totally stable. I must add I turn them off as often as possible. Leaving USB2 drives on 24/7 is generally not a good idea.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Does your external sample drive just disappear?

    Does this apply to Firewire 800?

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    Re: Does your external sample drive just disappear?

    Quote Originally Posted by Heezzi
    Does this apply to Firewire 800?
    I have Firewire which I've kept on for hours or days and I've never had any problem till now. And I use it for streaming samples...

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    Re: Does your external sample drive just disappear?

    I actually don't use cases at all--I just have the hard drives on a little shelf behind my LCD monitor (where it's pretty safe--no one goes touching there). No casing--no built up heat. They are plugged into an extension cord with a power switch, so I can turn them on and off. All I have to do is to dust them off with a feather duster once a while.

    I think the problem is probably my USB 2.0 ports, since I've had previous problems with them in the past with other devices.

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    Re: Does your external sample drive just disappear?

    I've had a USB 2.0 drive go down from heat caused by improper ventilation around the case.

    For static, there's some stuff called StaticGuard that you can get at the grocery store and spray on your carpet. It smells bad, but not as bad as burning electronics.

    - G

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