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Hi Folks,
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Now that I've bought an SPDIF cable and gotten the digital out on my Alesis MultiMix 16 FXD (A handy little 16 channel mixer) to record to my AudioPhile 24/96 Digi in, I need to know a little more in depth tekkie stuff:

The question is now this: Since I have the choice of Digi-Digi or analogue-analogue (the Delta Audiophile having 2/2 digi/Analogue), the determining factor seems to be quality. Is it better to use the Alesis A/D converters (the quality of which I am completely in the dark about) and send the digital signal to the Audiophile via SPDIF,


Should I send an analogue signal to the computer (which would use the audiophile to convert), with the soundcard inside the box (risk of interference)?

Thanks for any hints.