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Topic: GPO/Siblius crossgrade question

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    Question GPO/Siblius crossgrade question

    I just upgraded with the crossgrade about a week ago and I can't tell you how happy I am with the new product! I have but two questions -- is there a list anywhere of the available words to use for each KS instrument? For some reason I can't get my violins to tremelo at all by typing "tremelo" as a technique. Also, is there any way to get the good ole Garritan Ambiance reverb back? Sibelius' reverb is definitely lacking!


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    Re: GPO/Siblius crossgrade question

    Have you tried spelling it "tremolo" (with an 'o' instead of 'e')?

    I'm not sure if this is the answer to your question, but it is the correct spelling, and maybe it will do the trick.


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    Re: GPO/Siblius crossgrade question

    You can edit the Dictionary in Sibelius if you have a specific way of spelling a change. Usually an abbreviation will work - trem. or trem should do the trick. (Use Technique text).
    As to the reverb issue, one of the nice things about the crossgrade is that the Kontakt engine allows you to apply different amounts of reverb to each instrument. More work, but more control.

    Hope this helps.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: GPO/Siblius crossgrade question

    Hah I wrote that right before passing out last night -- I use whatever spelling Sibelius gives me when I ctrl+T and click. Is anyone else having problems with this?


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    Re: GPO/Siblius crossgrade question

    Hi Berghelp,

    I saw this post a few days back, and was not sure what to do myself, and I just tried this and it worked fine.

    Make sure the string sound you have got is one of the keyswitch violin sections first [as you cannot get a change from one playing technique to another if the violin is not a keyswitch instrument], select the note with the mouse. hit control, hold it and hit "T", and a flashing vertical black line should come somewhere near the note, click the right side of the mouse, and a large window will come up with all kinds of "Techiniques", such as pizz, arco, etc. Choose the "tremolo" one, by clicking on the word with the left mouse click. The screen will dissappear and you should see the word "tremolo" flashing with the small vertical black line now at the end of the word. Click the left mouse once, or hit "esc" twice, and it will now be secure on the score. It should play back with the tremolo bowing now. To get it to go back to "arco", or "pizz" or whatever you want, select the note where you want the next playing techinique to start, and do the same process, but selecting the technique you now want the score to play back to you.
    Hope this is helpful.



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