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Topic: RMX with Sonar

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    RMX with Sonar

    Is there a good way to get patterns with Chaos into Sonar? I've seen the tutorial on Sonar, and that works great for dragging and dropping plain patterns, but there doesn't appear to be a way to record Chaos'd patterns in Sonar, which is really unfortunate to say the least. Anyone find any workarounds for this? I've tried capturing audio in a simple host program (minihost), which works ok except then I'm not in sync with Sonar's bars/measures, which is likewise aggravating. In worst case, does anyone know a cheap host that will do this? I have Fruity Loops, but can't see how to do it in there either....it's a shame that Spectrasonics is so Mac-centric, since Logic examples aren't too useful to us PC owners.
    By the way, I LOVE RMX....just wish I could use it to its full capability inside a host! Thanks for any words of wisdom! John

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    Re: RMX with Sonar

    The "capture" and "export" buttons in the Chaos Designer window is for this very reason.

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    Re: RMX with Sonar

    Thanks for reply, but the problem with capture/export is that it only does one "take" (which may be as little as one measure) at a time, so would be very laborious to do a long section. What I'd like to do is do the bounce/render to audio that they discuss in videos, but there is no apparent way to do this in Sonar (have already tried the Sonar forum without any success there). In other words, I can't enable the Record on a track that is being "fed" by Stylus. Anyone who uses RMX with Sonar will undoubtably have experience this limitation....just want to know if anyone is smarter than me who has figured a workaround !

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    Re: RMX with Sonar

    Please read the Chaos Designer chapter in the Reference Guide.

    It explains everything you are asking to do and you can use Capture for 16 passes of a loop (since most loops in RMX are 4 bars, that ends up being 64 measures)...so that's quite long actually.

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