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Topic: uhm, hi long time...

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    uhm, hi long time...

    I finally started messing with SAM True Strike a couple days ago, and thought I'd post something with it

    I really like this lib.

    I didnt spend anytime actualyl mixing, its only the "stage" mics for percussion, and theres no reverb on the track at all, in fact no audio plug ins at all, not even EQ. ...

    except a limiter at -.1 on the final mix to make sure it didnt clip thats it


    I havent posted in a while, but I wanted to post this up just cuz it was only a couple hours work and I had fun, and wanted to share.
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    Re: uhm, hi long time...

    Howdy Ashif....welcome back! Are you sticking around or are you just passing by?

    Cool piece as always!
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    Re: uhm, hi long time...

    thanks Kays, for the welcomes and comment

    I'm around, I read often, and follow the melodrama. I just dont post anymore because theres not much reaason for me to get involved in the debates. I've said what I need to on the same old subects. Theres rarely anything new talked about ANYWHERE, not this forum, not the others, so maybe I'm just not compelled to post.

    (new products advertised is totally different than new subjects being discussed.)

    sometimes I get teh bug up my ~~~ to make a point with an mp3 post, but thats about it ... usually when Sam posts somethign about that kids opsts gets me into it...reminds me of Damon alot I miss that guy.

    I get my fix of tweak talking writing for Nick/Virtual Instruments Mag
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    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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    Re: uhm, hi long time...

    Man, Sam's are the best, when are they gonna do strings?

    Very good, Kingidiot,...the name too.

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    Re: uhm, hi long time...

    Hi King,

    It's funny because I first read "Sam Brass" and while listening to your piece found that percussions were really good, in fact I thought "it's Zeppelinesque"


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    Re: uhm, hi long time...

    Cool piece as always. It's good to see you still around. I like this a lot.

    You need to post more. This place isn't as interesting as back then when you used to post a lot of helpful things.

    What other samples are being used here alongside TS as far as the brass and strings?


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    Talking Re: uhm, hi long time...

    hey all thanks!


    I doubt SAM will do a full string section library. Its jsut too expensive I'm guessing, but you never know. I'm sure it'd be great.


    I have a habit of making "big beat" type rhythms with Orchestral Percussion when I'm not actually scoring. Its the Rock n Roll background.


    I do miss the discussions on actually HELPING and not limiting those discussions to the popular library of the day. There's alot of defensiveness going on here in and even the mere suggestion of something not sounding right to someones ears and suggesting ideas to make it better, always brings out the dogs. i'll save my helping to the articles for right now. Its not safe anywhere else


    The piece uses SAM pretty much exclusively, except for the strings

    all the brass is SAM, its pretty horrible in the velocity settings and the strings are jsut junky without actually working on legato transitions

    The strings are a layer of the KI Strings from GOS, and a modified version of the Chamber Ensemble "patch" from EWQLSO Pro, as well as the round robin Full Strings marcatto patch, only Far/Stage samples used

    I think the layer of strings works nicely in terms of sound, but I need to put in some VSL for the legato and adjust the Chamber Ensemble to give me a more playable feel in terms of attacks.

    basically it was a fool around thing from scratch, no templates or anything, I built some of the modifications to the patches as I worked, making the Chamber ensemble dynamically Xfade and adjusting velocity sensetivity...hence the couple hours to make something that doesnt have woodwinds or any real "flash"

    I purposely wanted to use "new" stuff and not fall back on things that I knew worked (except the KI strings patch..it was the easy one ot load for baics)

    I really dig this percussion lib tho. I mean I also like the otherones I have, I jsut want sure I'd really be impressed with ANOTHER one, but its going into the template to use along side VSL and QLSO

    I also forgot how much I actually dug the liveness of SAM Horns. Its not a perfect lib, but that makes it work well in a cue.
    Operation Mindcrime 2, in stores now.
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    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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    Re: uhm, hi long time...

    Completely agree with you on all counts.

    Also there is very nice string and brass writing/blending here.

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    Re: uhm, hi long time...

    Quote Originally Posted by KingIdiot
    reminds me of Damon alot I miss that guy.

    Yo Ashif!

    Miss u to bro, Long time no see I'm still checking in on the various forums that are out there, but havent been posting to much lately.
    Good job on the demo as well
    Hope you're doing well and if you still talk to the guys on the mIRC channel, please email me and let me know what room they are in and what your setup is as far as connecting whatever Efnet (American or European?) or other server they use:


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    Re: uhm, hi long time...

    Hey Dman

    I dont hang on IRC at all anymore, the espionage was annoying and all the great people I used to love to figh...talk to dont hang out there

    I dont talk to the guys that often actually, only Tob and Craig from time to time on IM and an Email here and there to Thomas J, I miss picking fights with Simon

    No more Drunk IRC...man...those were the days....

    "hey guys....its 3 am here...I'm Fin plastered!!! I drank half a bottle of absinthe!!!! WOOHOOO!!"

    Good to see you're alive man, hope things are going a little better.

    Operation Mindcrime 2, in stores now.
    or go here...
    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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