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Topic: 2 Mac Setup

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    2 Mac Setup

    If anyone wants to give me advice on this set-up, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I have a G4 dual 1.25 that runs ProTools HD3. I have been doing sample work in Logic 7.1, exporting all tracks as audio files and mixing them in ProTools. Very slow process.

    I'm probably going to buy EWQLSO Platnium XP before the end of the year. (I already have VSL Opus 1 and many older libraries). I will install it on two internal drives on my G4. I would then like to buy a new G5 and eventually run Logic on that machine and route the 8 channels of audio through ADAT lightpipe cable into ProTools. Since I have two installs I can install the library on both machines.

    My only concern is with all the discussions about multiple computers (up to 8!) will this two computer setup be adequate or should I think about another type of system. If so what would that system be? Who can afford 8 G5's?

    John Davis

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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    I like your setup. But for platinum you'll have to expand.

    I'd use the G4 as a protools only machine. Since pt has it's own hardware you don't need a screaming fast setup there.

    Put Logic on a G5 along with any rhythm instruments.

    Get a number of cheaper PC's and use those to run Platinum. What's recommended is that each orchestral section use it's own machine. That way you can run platinum on seprate machines in standalone mode. And use each computer as a seperate hardware unit.

    There are more sophisticated ways to do this but this will give you a start.

    At any rate you will have problems with just one g4 and one g5 with all that you're planning on doing.


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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    Thanks. Do you know if it's easy to move Platinum around once installed -- can you uninstall one section, say Brass, and move it to a future third machine? This might be more of a technical question for East West.

    This will be an evolving setup. I would like to make the G4 ProTools only especially as the PCIexpress and Intel issues make upgrading ProTools problematic for at least two years.

    I was thinking of the M-AUDIO Firewire 1814 for the sound output. Only $600 for 8 channels output through ADAT. I can't imagine a cheaper solution than that?

    I wonder if anyone has used Mac minis as machines for stand-alone Kompakt playback? They can now hold 1 GB of RAM for $700. How would 4 Mac Minis (cost $2800) compare to one G5 holding 4GB of Ram (cost $2699).

    What are other options for playback machines? I would hate to go the PC route just because I don't want to deal with the OS (is that immature of me?)


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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    Sounds like it will work to me. Mac mini is a good alternative. Check into ways that you can use midi over lan on the mac. I know you can do it on PC but not sure about mac. Also on PC you can use FX teleport so that you wouldn't need a sound card for each additional machine. FX teleport allows you to access plugins over lan from computer to computer. I heard that they are developing it for Mac but not sure how it's coming along.


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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    There is a $50 AU and VST plug-in called "wormhole 2" from a plasq.com that sends audio over ethernet (supposedly up to 30 mono channels). Works for both PC and Mac. Also apparently "Tiger" (OS 10.4) has a built-in network midi feature. All very intriguing.

    Can anyone answer the earlier question regarding multiple Mac minis vs one G5 if both configurations have 4GB RAM? Is there an advantage of having four single processors (G4's) as opposed to a single (dual) G5 processor? I can't imagine there would be unless I'm missing something obvious.

    PS: According to the East West board, you can deauthorize installations through the Native Instruments website, so moving them to a new computer is not a problem.

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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    If you are planning for the future..I would go with the G5 becuase it's a 64-bit processor vs the G4 32-bit processor....Tiger is built for G5 dual processors...The ram buss speed on the G5 is better to.....You could also use the G5 and your old G4....The G4 would act as a node in Logic Pro 7.....that would give another processor....And the new G5 have quad processors ...i think....

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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    The new G5s (top of the line) actually only have 2 chips but each is dual core (what ever THAT means)...

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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    Thanks again to all. Yes, we're going with the G5, and using the Metric Halo 2882 DSP as the output ADAT to ProTools. I haven't used Logic nodes before because you can't do EXS on a node, and I don't do a lot of processing in Logic since ProTools is the final destination.

    I looked into wormhole 2, and I don't think that will work as the latency is quite high and you have to have Delay Compensation turned on in your host. I never turn it on as it throws video projects out of sync, and all of our music production is geared to picture.

    I am excited about the midi network feature in Tiger. I looked at it today, and it looks great.


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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    Quote Originally Posted by dackl
    Can anyone answer the earlier question regarding multiple Mac minis vs one G5 if both configurations have 4GB RAM?
    The Mac mini supports up to 1GB!
    And there is no digital audio out.

    Keep in mind that all programs, even logic are still 32bit.
    That means, they can hold up to 2GB ram.

    Lets say if you have 4GB installed on a G5, and use logic, there is a lot of ram unused.

    I work with two macs. The second one is just a soundmodul
    triggered by midi, conected via unitor8
    I use just the digital audio out with no soundcard.
    I have 4GB installed and run multiple copys of V-Stack.
    You could also run multiple instanes of EW. Simply copy
    and rename the program file. Thats legal.

    You could also try to run logic and EW-Gold on the same machine.
    You should be able to load more sounds this way.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: 2 Mac Setup

    I meant four Mac Minis each holding 1GB. I think the Mini is probably better in concept than reality. I wonder if you can run Konpakt in Linux. There's an idea!

    I never thought of using the digital outs of the G5. On my G5 at home it appears to be only 2 channels of digital out, and with the MIO 2882 I can get 8 out despite what the name implies (plus we already own the MIO).

    I understand Logic can only access something like 3.7 GB of RAM at once. I guess I could have a third G5 and run the EW libraries in stand alone mode. In that case I should be able to install even more RAM, although it starts to get pretty pricy at the higher GBs.

    So here's the dream setup: G4 with 2GB RAM with ProTools, G5 with 4GB RAM with Logic and other G5 with 8GB RAM with stand-alone players -- all connected with Tiger Midi network and digital outs to the Digidesign 192. Might be a reality for us sometime soon if we Baby-Step our way there.

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