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Topic: New Garritan user

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    New Garritan user

    Just started using GPO so greetings to everyone out there. Having got over a few glitches installation wise, am now enjoying discovering the ins and outs of garritan. Only prob. so far is that I cant get recording to work. I am using Logic express 7.1.1 and having tried to follow the GPO setting up tutorials kindly offered in garritan have had no joy! I can hear it but when hitting record nothing appears on track. Can anyone offer the solution to how I set up logic to record Garritan?


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    Re: New Garritan user

    Hi Marto

    Wellcome to the forum! I am a relatively new user too, and haven't played with GPO much (mainly because I haven't found the time). It's an amazing piece of software.

    I have never used Logic. I am a Cubase guy, but I suppose it should be a similar aproach. First, you say it sounds, ok, but have you created a MIDI track which sends MIDI data to the GPO player, or are you just playing from keyboard? I think you have to set up a MIDI track and direct the output to GPO. Then you can write some notes and controller data using your MIDI keyboard and the record function, or drawing with your mouse in the piano roll view. Once you have the MIDI data, it shold playback the melody when you press play on the transport control. If this works, you should look for a function in the menus that makes the mixdown (something like 'bounce to track', 'export to audio', 'mixdown'...)

    I hope to have helped, but if that's not the case, give me more detailed information about your working method, and I'll try to help you.


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    Re: New Garritan user

    Hi Marto, I don't use Logic either, and I am not familiar with the program to be of any help, but I want to welcome you to the forum, it is a great place to be. Someone that uses Logic will respond soon with some help for you.
    hang in there!

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    Re: New Garritan user

    Welcome to the forum. Hope to hear some of your music. As far as your problem, though I don't use logic, have you look to see if it was recorded to a file? I know that when I record it to Finale, I have to make sure I select a directory to record to then when it is done playing the piece I have to stop the recording in the GPO Studio. Check carefully when you start recording in the GPO Studio to be sure it is started then switch to Logic and begin recording. Fianlly, go back to GPO Studio and stop the recording.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck

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    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: New Garritan user

    Thanks chaps,

    Nice to hear from all of you and have looked into my settings and seem to have sussed out the audio instrument way to record. Just remains for me to get my head round midi. I am sure that by the end of my first year of Garritan I shall have bleated and blasted not a few times. Hopefully shall be in a position to respond to questions from other users by then too. Have lots of questions about midi and even more about Garritan but I reckon a few days in a darkened room might get me seeing the "light" somewhat clearer.

    Anyway thanks again for the prompt replies and shall be talking.

    Happy New Year


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