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Topic: Chris Hein's Horns Vol. 2 ?

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    Chris Hein's Horns Vol. 2 ?

    i m very interested in buying Chris Hein's Horns Vol.1 for the sax ...i found them great...do you know if their gonna release Vol.2 with the other 2 sax??
    bye Happy New Year

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    Re: Chris Hein's Horns Vol. 2 ?

    i am still learning vol 1 and havent played even 30% of the sounds in the last 2 weeks!
    But yeah- a nice Bariton would be great-I could live without a soprano for section work for sure but a Doc Kupka style bari would certainly fit the bill.
    And while you are at it Chris, please add some sax sections like the trumpet section in vol 1. Would make it easier sometimes to create a full unisono sound without having to stack the single saxes.


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