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Topic: FX teleport GS noise problem

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    FX teleport GS noise problem


    I am getting clicks and pops using GVA and FXT (host and slave machine). There are no "drop outs" appearing and I have tried serveral buffer size settings. The clicks appear always in the same places in the arrangment. When I take out some instruments it works OK. There is no problem with the polyphonylimit on the other machine at all.

    Does this problem seem familiar to anyone?

    Thank you,

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    Re: FX teleport GS noise problem

    Hi Markus,

    the distortion comes from a too high volume of the samples on the slave machine. That's why it is always at the same place and can be resolved by using less instruments (not always the same). Just lower the main output volume in GS on the slave machine, and everything will be fine.


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    Re: FX teleport GS noise problem

    Hey Markus, are you feeling ok?


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