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Topic: GMedia future Retro pack?

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    GMedia future Retro pack?

    I purchased M-Tron about 3 months ago, and recently saw the future retro bundle on the M-Audio site. I can't seem to find any info on whether or not an upgrade is available. I'd love to pick up Oddity, Imposcar, and Minimonsta, but it would be a real drag to have to buy M-Tron again. Do any of you know if GMedia is offering an upgrade option for the bundle?

    I've tried e-mail, but I suppose that it will be slow going until after the first of the year.

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    Re: GMedia future Retro pack?

    Hi. I don't have a clue about what you are asking.I will suggest however that you see if there is a phone number to call. Also after the first of the year it might just get worrse. NAMM being rite around the corner might hinder responses more as the big build-up starts. I all ways go to the landline first. I never really do anything via email. JON

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    Re: GMedia future Retro pack?

    I think you probably will get a response regardless of NAMM coming up because NAMM isn't until the 19th. However, it IS possible that maybe they are closed this week between Christmas and New Year's.

    As far as the synths go... I have all of the items mentioned. Though I got them separetely before the Retro pack existed. They are all absolutely top notch. I even have the Oddity - which when I first heard it, I didn't like as much as the others. But now I've grown to love it.

    ImpOSCar has quite possibly the best sounding filters of any vst I've heard. It can sound "phat" as they say and also it can do some of the PPG type things that have a more "digital" feel to them.

    MiniMonsta I wound up choosing over the Arturia after checking both out. My gut feeling (and that of my ears) is that the Arturia is more "glitzy" out of the box whereas the MiniMonsta takes a bit more coaxing to make it come alive. Ultimately, I felt that the MiniMonsta was more satisfying and more like working with the real thing. The melohman functionality is a wonderful tool.

    The Oddity has a more "in your face" sound to it that comes out very nicely in a mix. I think it does a good job of giving you that Arp sound. It can also sound pretty big and "phat" too if you program it that way.

    Isn't the Retro pack going for something like $299? I thought that's what it was going for. That's still over $200 less than what you would have paid for those items separely, so evenso, I think it would be a good deal. If you CAN get an upgrade price so much the better.

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    Re: GMedia future Retro pack?

    Thanks guys! I did get in touch with GMedia, and they don't have an upgrade yet. It's a great deal, so maybe I'll see if I can sell my stand-alone M-Tron if I were to buy the bundle. I'd just hate to duplicate my software at this point when there's a few other things I could be doing...like taking advantage of that 35% discount on DHFS or C&V

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