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Topic: "Follow Me The Musical" Off-Broadway Show Uses GPO

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    "Follow Me The Musical" Off-Broadway Show Uses GPO

    Follow Me: The Musical — a new off-Broadway musical completed a successful 14 performance run this holiday season. The musical ran December 6-18, 2005 at The Theatre @ GTT; 325 West 33rd Street between 8th & 9th Avenues.

    Follow Me is a musical about the Christmas story taking this story from “fable” to “epic” and providing a different perspective on the story.

    Follow Me had a cast of 16 singers and dancers, striking effects, and a complete surround-sound experience. The musical was created and staged by Melissa Collins, Clay Collins & Michael Capecci

    Clay Collins composed original music and arrangements for the musical. Clay writes that "about 80% if the music was composed using GPO and most of the songs use it exclusively...The reaslism of each instrument served as an inspiration to write beautiful musical phrases and express them...The other major advantage for us is that it is so well integrated with Finale." Human playback also played a role in the production.

    I received the CD today and am very impressed with music. Here are some brief excerpts:

    Opportunity Knocks
    It's Not Too Late
    Fear Not (Reprise)
    He'll Understand

    Thanks Clay for sharing this and congratulations on a successful show!

    For more information of the buy the CD, visit www.FollowMeTheMusical.com.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: "Follow Me The Musical" Off-Broadway Show Uses GPO

    The American Federation of Musicians Local 802 is going to put a hit out on somebody.

    Ah, the wheels of progress.

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    Re: "Follow Me The Musical" Off-Broadway Show Uses GPO

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheat Williams
    The American Federation of Musicians Local 802 is going to put a hit out on somebody.Ah, the wheels of progress.
    It's a start. Clay wrote that hiring a live orchestra was not feasible at the initial stage of development of the musical. Producing an off-broadway musical is difficult and expensive. Because of a successful run there will be a show next year and hopefully a bigger budget for next year's production.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: "Follow Me The Musical" Off-Broadway Show Uses GPO

    More musicians, union and non-union alike, will have more opportunities and more music will be created and heard by using advances in technology such as GPO.

    Just as in manufacturing, new ways are found to create things more efficiently and "workers" find they must "adapt" to the new technology and learn how to take advantage of the new opportunities it represents.

    Change can be difficult but it is a requirement for progress. One sure thing about humans, and certainly musicians, moving forward, progress, is essential! It is always the trip we take and not the destination that is most important and GPO sure is a fun way to travel!

    Wishing all in the GPO community a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year,

    Daniel Rubio

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    Thumbs up Re: "Follow Me The Musical" Off-Broadway Show Uses GPO

    Back in the late late 80s I did the music for one-woman show - ALW's "Song and Dance" using a Roland D-20 as well as an Alesis HR16 for drums and MMT-8 for sequencing. People loved it but then again it was a house that held less than 500 people - so the expectations were equally small. The cool thing about GPO is that it can fill a bigger house and hold up its end. It also allows composers to produce musician-friendly scores, so that they actually *can* translate to more interesting ensembles. There's been a lot of off-Broadway that has stayed that way because someone wrote for rock band and a few other instruments. Now, the pallette is wider and there a chance for orchestrations at lower tiers to be more rich - and in the end present more opportunities for players to - well - play.

    The tunes are nice. I hope ithe musical continues to get play.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: "Follow Me The Musical" Off-Broadway Show Uses GPO

    "Progress" has nothing to do with it.
    $$ everything to do with it!
    Since the fall of music education in public schools, and the fact that most of the general public can't tell the difference between a GPO violin and a real violin (their ears being numbed by decades of constant exposure to commercial music) - then of course the live musician is the first to be axed!
    And if every Broadway house in NYC could get away with it (only the union stands in their way) THEY WOULD!
    This is not "progress". This is degeneration.
    I understand that in a small production it's not feesible to have more then a couple of musicians - if that, and if one wants to achieve a "fuller" sound then other means are neccesary.
    But financial dictates doesn't equal musical progress.
    Changes in musical history usually take place unbeknownst to most of those living.....

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    Re: "Follow Me The Musical" Off-Broadway Show Uses GPO

    I use to do a single with a drum box BC(Before Computers). It seemed all so innocent but they may have been the beginning of the end of all human musicians!!

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